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IPAS Partners Ltd


IPAS is our partner who manages all the expatriates work contract and fees payment aspects under a Sonepral / IPAS joint venture.


This company is incorporated in Cyprus and a resident manager is head of the JV which provides all services required for expatriates employment in Angola. The resident manager is the only interface between Oil&Gas companies / contractors and the JV.


All legal, fiscal, logistical and administrative aspects of foreign workers employment in Angola, are addressed by the JV partner specialized in the area under the responsibility of the resident manager. IPAS Partners is in charge of the general administration of expatriates contracted by IPAS: salaries, medical assistance programs (Previnter, International SOS), social benefits.


Recruitment and selection of candidates directly through IPAS or through our partnerships with technical assistance companies (Keltec, Dietswell, IFP, Anotech, MPH, ECM, Corialis). IPAS is the point of contact for expatriates when they are in Europe.


The JV provides a 24h/24H support for expatriates when in Angola. The scope of solutions proposed by the joint venture is auditable and fully compliant with International & Angolan laws and regulations.



EUROSTRAL Travel Agency


Eurostral, Sonepral sister company, is a well known travel agency on the Angolan market and has an independent organization from Sonepral.


Eurostral,as a subcontractor of Sonepral, organizes the foreign workers travel from home front door to their offices in Angola (Domestic and International travel), including meet and great service in Luanda Airport.





Eurostral has also a “rent a car” division with more that 300 vehicles in Angola. Eurostral, as a subcontractor of Sonepral, provides individual cars (with or without drivers) and shuttle bus services for the transport of the workers in Luanda according to the needs of the sonepral manpower contracts.



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